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My name is Lindsay; I'm a creative copywriter and branding strategist with a passion for helping lifestyle brands with their mission for diversity, sustainability, and positive impact. With over a decade of experience, I've honed my skills in writing clear, to-the-point, and humorous copy that resonates with any audience. I enjoy connecting the dots into sneaky smart copy. And as one is such a lonely number, I love working with others. Whether it's for web or print, I'm dedicated to creating content that fits like a glove and elevates brands to new heights.

Bilingual and with an overactive creative mind, I have a knack for coming up with fresh ideas and turning them into marketable actions. I understand the importance of a strong brand voice and use my skills to develop content that not only stands out but also drives change. From copywriting to creating a brand book, I'm experienced in all aspects of content creation and am ready to help bring your brand to life. Whether you need a new brand strategy or just a fresh pair of eyes, get in touch for a personalised solution and to see your brand soar. I do it all for the chuckle. So you can get that hustle.


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B2B & B2C. I roll with them all.
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Don't just take my word for it. Here are some friendly quotes from lovely people I got to work with. Yes, it's the humblebrag section of my website you were looking for, just before you hit the contact button.

"We were very happy to have Lindsay on board." 

Thomas / The AnyThing

"Working together has been a charm, and she also became a trusted advisor."

"She's easy to communicate with, delivers quickly and is very flexible"

Laima / WeAreKeen

Sacha / FishTales

"Very happy about working with Lindsay."


"Really well done to Lindsay in providing us with great translations within our tight deadline #chapeau."

Patrick / The BlueMovement

"The content Lindsay delivers is always meaningful and contributes to the story we want to tell."

Vivian / EDGE Workspaces

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Enough about me, what about you?

Fill in your details so we can get together and talk over a coffee so you can tell me all about your brand, products, ideas and content needs. I'm always open to meet new people doing interesting things. Use my form or schedule a meeting directly in my calendar.
Let's see if we can work together.

Thanks for reaching out!

Terms of Service

My Terms & Conditions are an outline of the way we can work together. 

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