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OMG Those Millennials are Ruining Errrthing

First a little confession, I'm actually a millennial too, just about though, since I came into the world in 1981. There's some debate on who and when you are one, but I'll take the group born between 1981 - 1996. Millennials are all born in a time where much changed in the world due to the uprise of tech. I can recall looking things up in a book but also what it was like to go on the computer and 'Ask Jeeves'. Of course, I had to dial-in first and check if no-one in the house was expecting a call. But going back to the bold statement that millennials are ruining everything. Because why would I say this, when I'm one myself. Well, this is because actually it's not the millennials who are actually ruining everything, it's the label that's ruining everything. This generation (1981-1996) is, to be honest, one of the most woke generations ever. They are thinkers and do-ers. They care about happiness (of themselves but also others), they care about balance between work and life, they care about the environment and they care about their surroundings. This selfie-generation may look like all the they do is "for the 'gram", but really they do make actual change happen. They grew up in economic stable times where tech was available and ready to be used. They decided to make it their own by starting their own businesses, creating their own roles and thus, creating their own happiness and work-life balance. So what can we learn from millennials? For me, as one, it's the power of being able to make decisions for ourselves. We are less influenced by what is expected from us but more of what we expect from ourselves. We make decisions based on choices that feel good. Decisions that boomers might not get straight away, because it's not always about the career or the big salary, but about making your own choices. And that's the type of freedom everyone should strive for. Millennials are not ruining everything, they've just changed perspectives.

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