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It's the summer of 2020...

...and this summer is very different than any other. All big events are cancelled, or postponed, and we're all still dealing with the 1.5-meter economy. Social distancing in some countries is still general advice, whereas in the EU people are allowed to travel again. This also means, that to my own surprise, our original summer plans are a go. If you had asked me 6 weeks ago, I would've said that I have no clue what summer will look like. But our flights are confirmed, the borders are open and the facemasks are packed. So now for the first time in my one year as a freelancer, I have to think about how to work and go on holiday at the same time. Do I choose to completely check-out and not check-in? Or can I check-in for my flights and make myself check-out of my mailbox? Or do I keep myself available because I'm the lucky freelancer who has frequent clients? Of course, I know all too well that the only way to check out is to not check-in. But with the abundance of available freelancers out there, is my added value enough for clients to wait for? My inner coach says 'hell yeah!' but my inner saboteur says 'maybe not..". The only that you can do is ask others how do they've handled their business to learn how I can take care of mine. Asking others is actually one of the best pieces of advice I can - if you're in doubt, gather other opinions to form your own. You might not use the opinions of others, but their experiences may shine a new light on yours.

When it comes to this summer, what I do know is that 'momma needs a break'. I've yet to meet a working professional with a family that isn't tired. And this probably applies to those without kids too. But what is clear that the months of lockdown while juggling work, homeschooling, entertaining and leisure time, has taken a toll. People are in need of rest and relaxation. For many, including me, that works best when it's combined with some vitamin D, a new surroundings and a nice Mediterranean sea breeze. So one thing is for sure - when I hop on that plane to the South of Europe, with my facemask on. But will I pack my laptop too? I'll might leave that till the last minute.

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