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Stay calm and smile

This is not another piece of advice on how to cope with these uncertain times. This is not a piece about 'no, I'm not complaining - you're complaining', because, in fact, no one who's healthy and has an income should be complaining. This is certainly not a piece on being the best version of you. How is that even possible?

Of course not. However - yes that's a fancy 'but' - that's what's been on my mind lately. It has surprised me how much I don't really mind being at home so much. How much I don't mind this super slow pace. Focusing on family, work and keeping my sanity is busy enough. I think this is a feeling shared by many with kids. The weekends are moments of rest, whereas before these were hectic days too filled with sports and social activities. This has shifted, weeks are busy with work and homeschooling, weekends feel like a pause amidst a great storm.

Not venturing out but staying in as much as possible, has proven to be not that bad. You clean up more, you tidy up more and even get some DIY done. That doesn't mean that the walls are not driving me crazy sometimes. To keep my sanity I've been really stepping up my game and have been throwing it down in the kitchen lately. From Japanese home favourites to Indian snacks to fine-tuning my pizza baking skills. A nice way to do new things, be active with your hands instead of your mind and also an activity shared with my kids.

Going back to that fancy but, about those coping tips: there's not much to add to what's already been written, said and shared. What helps is to slow down, keep your head up and put on some nice clothes every day. Slowing down helps you with keeping perspective on things. Keeping your head up allows you to look up at the sky, count the clouds, take in the rays of the sun. And putting on nice clothes every day will help you feel better about yourself. When you look in the mirror, really look yourself in the eye. Just do your hair, get out of that legging/jogging pants or pyjamas, and smile to your own reflection. Just slow down and smile.

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