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Time can be on your side

In times where the options of things to do, eat, see and people to meet, greet and seek out are endless; everyone is dealing with the same issues. How can we juggle it all, because every single thing seems just as important as the other? The easy answer is: just make a choice. Just make an executive decision. However, herein lies the challenge it's the choosing that seems to be so difficult. It's one big juggling act out there because time is so precious.

A higher state Let's disregard work, that's a given. We all have to spend time on work. Seeking work fulfilment is a whole different topic. Read about mine in an older post. It's what you do with the time you have outside of work and your family routines. Evenings spent just on the sofa and binge-watching, those are not the evenings that you'll remember when you're 90. Everyone needs time to shut off for a while, but watching the new season of You is actually not the best way. The best way to actually close the day properly and process what has happened and prepare yourself for a new day is by being mindful. Mindful, you say? Yuck, isn't that for middle-aged women with sensible haircuts? No. There's no need to chop those locks when being mindful. Mindful is about being conscious of what you're doing. It's about slowing the f*ck down. This can be washing the dishes together and having an engaged conversation with your partner, instead of just loading the dishes in the machine. Slow down. Walk more, cycle less. Leave the car, take a train. Slowing down leads to a higher state of consciousness.

Choose and un-choose

Being more conscious of what you're doing will make you see and experience things more clear. This will help you in the daily juggle. As Busy-author Tony Crabbe explains it, it's not about choosing what to do, it's also making a conscious decision of what not to do, the un-choosing. You let certain things be but you do that so it creates more time for what you do want to do. You need to understand that everything comes in waves, the good ánd the bad. You'll find that when things are going well around you, you'll be much better in making choices and stick to them. It's about also being able to make the right choices and maintaining a balance even when some pieces of the puzzle are no longer connecting. That can only happen if you've laid a good foundation by being in an, almost, constant state of consciousness. So put away the phone, the remote control, the headphones and all that other white noise. Focus, be in the now. When you can do that, you know that you've made the right choice.

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